The Dragon Prince season 5 gets a surprise early release

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Season 5 of The Dragon Prince: The Mystery of Aaravos is coming early — and by early, we mean that it’s available right now. The news was announced at today’s San Diego Comic-Con panel, which also revealed a brand new trailer.

In the new season of The Dragon Prince, dark mage Claudia rises to free the powerful elf mastermind Aaravos, so that he will save her father (who is temporarily resurrected after falling to his death in the third season). Meanwhile, elf assassin Rayla, mage Callum, knight Soren, and young King Ezran are racing to stop Claudia and Viren from releasing the most powerful and dangerous being the world of Xadia has ever known.

Each subsequent season of The Dragon Prince usually introduces a new set of elves and dragons. In this upcoming one, it looks like the main characters will cross paths with the Tidebound elves, the ones that have a primal connection to the ocean and water.

The Dragon Prince: The Mystery of Aaravos season 5 is out now.

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