Temtem guide: Quetzal Dojo walkthrough

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After the Narwhal crashes on Temtem’s third island, Tucma, you’ll have a lot of running around and fighting to do. And you’ll have to clear your name by defeating the Quetzal Dojo Master, Yareni.

Navigating your way through the Quetzal Dojo is a puzzle. And you’ll be fighting apprentices at the same time.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through every step of navigating the Dojo’s ice-like crystal floor to get to the Dojo Master. We’ll also include some tips about the types of Temtem you’ll be fighting inside, and what types you should bring along with you.

Table of contents

  • Ask for help at the local Dojo
  • Types of Temtem in Quetzal Dojo
  • Temtem to bring in your squad

Ask for help at the local Dojo

Before you can reach Yareni and ask for her help, you have to find your way through the slippery crystal maze. Below, we’ll go step by step through the Dojo with helpful videos.

  • Head into the Dojo and follow the path north. When you reach the first pair of bumpers, pick a side. When the angled side is facing you, wait a beat, and then step forward. It will bounce you to the side, and then back. If you time it right, the angled bumper will turn and bounce you to the north.
  • Go down the stairs on the left (west) side.
  • Looking south, there are basically three lanes to choose from. Step into the middle one, and go south.
  • Handle the tamer there, and use the middle lane to go right/east. Your goal is to bounce of the bumper to go north. If your timing is off, just backtrack and try again.
  • On the next island, fight the shirtless tamer. Go to the left/west side of the island and face north.
  • Wait for the angled bumper to turn toward you. Wait a beat or two, and step toward it just before it turns back. You’ll bounce left, right, and then up/north.
  • Take on the next pair of tamers, and head to the north of their island.
  • Face right/east. Wait for the angled bumper to turn so that it’ll bounce you to the north.
  • You’ll ricochet through a series of bumpers, and land on a narrow path. Head north.
  • Wait for just before the bumper lowers, and step north.
  • After another ricochet journey, you’ll arrive at the staircase that leads up to Yareni.

Types of Temtem in Quetzal Dojo

The Temtem you’ll be facing inside Quetzal Dojo are mostly Crystal and Toxic types who range from levels 31-45. But there are many others you’ll be facing as well.

These fights are very difficult, so we’re going to list all the Temtem you’ll be fighting, along with their type and weaknesses:

  • Adoroborous (Toxic/Mental) // weak to Electric, Wind, Digital, Crystal
  • Platypet (Water/Toxic) // weak to Electric, Wind
  • Valash (Neutral/Crystal) // weak to Fire, Earth, Melee
  • Mudrid (Earth/Crystal) // weak to Water, Nature, Earth, Melee (x4)
  • Skunch (Neutral/Melee) // weak to Mental (x4), Earth
  • Siapat (Water/Melee) // weak to Nature, Electric, Mental, Digital, Toxic
  • Nidrasil (Nature/Toxic) // weak to Fire, Wind
  • Myx (Crystal/Mental) // weak to Fire, Earth, Digital, Crystal
  • Mushook (Toxic/Melee) // weak to Mental, Wind, Digital
  • Volarend (Toxic/Wind) // weak to Electric
  • Gazuma (Electric/Wind) // weak to Crystal
  • Noxolotl (Toxic) // weak to Wind
  • Shuine (Water/Crystal) // weak to Nature, Melee

Temtem to bring in your squad

While there’s a theme of Toxic and Crystal in this Dojo, you’ll fight a wide variety of types. You’re going to want a pretty diverse (and high-level) squad.

Make sure to bring:

  • Electric. We’re a fan of Ganki/Gazuma, which has the added benefit of the Wind Blade technique.
  • Wind. A Loali works well here, since they have both Wind Blade and Urushiol attacks. But they’re weak against Toxic attacks, so use them sparingly.
  • Fire. You got a Vulcrane from Ocelotl, and it covers both Fire and Earth attacks. It’s doubly weak to Water attacks, though, so be careful with it.

Fill out the rest of your squad with your strongest fighters. Try to include a Melee type like Smazee/Baboong, Skunch, or even Saipat if you’ve got one leveled up — and don’t forget to use the Coward’s Cloak to level up your Temtem faster.

Avoid Nature and Water types. They’re only useful against a couple of your enemies, and they’re both weak to Toxic damage — which you’ll be facing a lot.

If you’re going to double up on any type, make it Wind.

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