Super Mario Odyssey guide: Darker Side of the Moon

An explorer holds a Magshot, one of the best guns in Starfield.

After you collect 500 power moons (check out our power moon guides!), you’ll unlock Super Mario Odyssey’s Darker Side. In the video above, Griffin McElroy walks you through the game’s hardest level, offering tips on everything from how to time your jumps to the locations of hearts.

There’s no way to get around it: The Darker Side is hard, and even tiny things can trip you up. But for every frustration, we’ve got tips to help you get to the end and collect the multi moon.

If you’re looking for more on Super Mario Odyssey, be sure to check out Polygon’s other guides, which will show you how to get the power moons in every kingdom. If you want more stickers and decorations for the Odyssey, check out our purple (or regional coins) guides. We’ve even got guides to warp painting locations and, mostly because we wished for this a million times while playing, we’re adding maps for each of the kingdoms to every guide. With them, you can have easy access the names of warp flags as well as the locations of all purple coins.

Super Mario Odyssey guide

Check out the rest of our guide to learn all of Super Mario Odyssey’s secrets.


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