Persona 5 guide: Fusion

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Fusion is one of the earliest skills you will learn in Persona 5. Igor and the twin-wardens will allow you to fuse the power of your existing Personas into more powerful ones. This is the simplest way to power yourself up quickly.

How fusion works (and how it doesn’t work)

The basic idea is this: Take two weak Personas, and combine them together to make a far stronger Persona.

Now, this does come with a caveat: You are unable to fuse Personas that have a higher level than you are currently. This means that you may have to pick and choose what you want to do — or, if you are patient, you can hold off on fusing two Personas together until you are a higher level.

Arcana Burst: Getting around the restrictions

However, there is a neat way around the leveling restriction. Each Persona belongs to a specific Arcana type. These correlate to your confidants. For example, Ryuji is the Chariot confidant. As such, he is linked to other Personas with the Chariot Arcana.

If you create a Persona with the same arcana as a confidant, you will gain what is called an Arcana Burst. This is essentially a massive explosion of experience bestowed upon the new Persona after it is created. Each time you level up a Confidant, you will increase the potential Arcana Bursts in future fusions.

Notice how we wrote after above? If you are level 10, and you create a new level 10 Persona with a massive Arcana Burst, that Persona could end up at level 12 or 13. Even better: You will still be able to use them, despite being a lower level.

Persona stats and leveling up

Personas also all come with their own unique set of stats:

  • Strength determines how much physical damage you deal.
  • Magic determines how much spell damage you deal.
  • Endurance determines how much damage you take from enemy attacks.
  • Agility determines how quickly you attack (turn order).
  • Luck, which is used for your random roles (like critical strike, enemy misses and being affected by negative statuses.)

Each time a Persona levels up, their stats increase as well. As such, always use fusion to create higher level Personas. If you use the same Persona in battle every time, they will receive plenty of experience. However, they will most likely still fall behind new fusions. Don’t get attached. Keep fusing.

Fusion and Persona skills

Finally, when Personas area fused, they will inherit certain skills from their parents. Depending on the level of the Persona and how powerful it is, you will be able to choose from just one or several skills to bring over. This will allow you to place skills on Personas that should otherwise never gain that ability on their own.

Fusion requires a little bit of experimentation, but when used properly, it has staggering potential. If you are looking for all of the different fusions you can do, check out this cool Persona 5 Fusion Calculator.


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