Genshin Impact guide: Key Sigil locations and uses

A broad map showing the location of every Key Sigil in Enkanomiya

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As you explore Genshin Impact’s newest area, Enkanomiya, you’ll find Key Sigils. These sigils float around in the air and activate special treasure-rewarding seals. Our Genshin Impact guide explains where to find Key Sigils and how to use them.

Rather than Electroculus floating around the area, Enkanomiya has Key Sigils. Just like Electroculus, Key Sigils will be marked on your mini-map as you get close to them. There are five different types of Key Sigils, each with a different symbol on them.

Enkanomiya is a layered area with lots of caverns and tall pillars, so if you’re on top of a marked Key Sigil on your mini-map, but can’t seem to find it, it may be above or below you. However, some Key Sigils require progression from specific world quests to access. We recommend using the Genshin Impact Interactive Map to keep track of sigils you’ve already found.

A broad map showing the location of every Key Sigil in Enkanomiya

Image: Genshin Impact Interactive Map

There also are glowing blue seals scattered around on cliffs and walls throughout Enkanomiya and they require their respective Key Sigil to activate. The seals are often in clusters, with two to five of them grouped up. Placing a sigil in each seal with yield a reward (or even a world quest).

We recommend hunting down all the Key Sigils you can and then going to the seals, allowing you to knock it all out at once without losing track of where you’ve already been.

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