Barbie trailer finds Margot Robbie dancing, singing, and having an existential crisis

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We finally know exactly what the Barbie movie is about: Barbie and Ken going to the real world to find meaning in their lives. The new trailer for the summer movie arrived on Thursday and gave us our best look yet at Margot Robbie as Barbie, Ryan Gosling as Ken, Will Ferrell as an executive at Mattel, and the many horrors the real world has in store for two life-long toys.

The trailer starts off just like the previous teaser did, with Barbie and Ken walking through their dreamy and perfect life in the pink-filled Barbie world. But when a realization of her own mortality hits Robbie’s Barbie out of the blue, she visits a kooky Barbie played by Kate McKinnon who sends her on a quest to discover the real world and what exists outside of her high-heeled kingdom. Of course, Ken tags along.

From there the trailer gives us all kinds of gags about Barbie and Ken dealing with the real world, their fashion sense, them getting arrested, and their difficulty understanding that they’re world-famous toys that not everyone is so keen on anymore. It also seems that their disappearance has caused some concern at Barbie manufacturer Mattel, which seems intent on making sure that both Robbie and Gosling’s characters return to Barbie World immediately.

The Barbie movie is set for release in theaters on July 21.

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