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DMT Aug 10
In the automotive world Philadelphia Eagles T-Shirts , one brand stands out as a motoring testament for high-quality engineering, luxury and style. The Cadillac, has been a symbol of extravagance and exclusivity as for over a century as it has manufactured the most luxurious line of automobiles ever to be created. From presidents to pop stars, kings and queen to notorious gangsters, the Cadillac is the top choice of the elite. In 1999 a full-size luxury sport vehicle was introduced to the market in response to its contemporary competitors. General Motors Company, also known as GMC, released the Cadillac Escalade as its major entry into the popular SUV market. A hybrid from the GMC Yukon Denali, the Cadillac Escalade showcased the most luxurious design while enhancing the utility specifications of an SUV. Upon its introduction, living up to the Cadillac name, the Escalade became very popular and instantly gained an iconic status in pop culture due to its exposure to celebrity ownership. The Escalade was also a favorite among SUVs to be customized because of its urban aesthetics. Popular modifications include larger wheel, chrome spinners, increased engine performance and interior customizations. Sport utility vehicles, in a generally sense, are manufactured to ?drive like a car with the utility of a truck?, hence, the SUV is used for a variety of reasons. Buyers are drawn to their huge cabins, higher ride height, cargo space and perceived safety. Additionally, sports utility vehicles have greater towing capabilities than conventional cars allowing owners to use them for towing caravans and trailers. The Cadillac Escalade, in its magnificent form, incorporates both the aesthetic value of the Cadillac with the utility of the GMC vehicles. In the current generation of Escalades, installations of the ?Stabilitrak? control system were upgraded and power-adjusted pedals were added. The push rod engine includes variable valve timing which adjusts the intake and exhaust timing between two settings. The engine produces 403hp and 417ft of torque. The new body completes a 0.363 drag coefficient. With all these technological modifications, the Cadillac Escalade has corresponding car parts and accessories that can also be replaced or upgraded. Since SUVs, especially the four wheel drives, are used strenuously in many utilities, it is often that car owners modify their SUV parts according to their specific needs. The suspension is one department to look into since the SUV is used for the transportation of heavy cargo. The shock absorbers must absorb or dissipate heavy weight. With this principle in mind, the Cadillac Escalade shock absorbers reduces the effect of traveling over rough roads and serves as a cushion for the cargo weight the vehicle carries. The Cadillac Escalade sway bars on the other hand controls the suspension's stiffness. This add to the traction as the vehicle maneuvers in rugged or wet terrain. Both parts, the shock absorber and the sway bar, enhances the overall performance of the Cadillac Escalade. With its continuous development, the Cadillac Escalade is sure stay on top of every man's dream car. Continuing its stand for luxury and high living, the Escalade surely is the standard that every affluent man measure his love for quality automobiles.

By Wang Cong, Yu Fei, Yang Chunxue

BEIJING, April 23 (Xinhua) -- On clear April nights, Zhu Jin, director of the Beijing Planetarium, retreats into the city's quiet, mountainous suburbs and aims a telescope at the sky.

"Dongfanghong-1," Zhu whispered as a dim light passed across his lens on his most recent trip. "Amazing, huh? Seeing it still up there after all these years."

Launched on April 24, 1970, Dongfanghong-1, or The East is Red 1, marked China's entry into a new epoch of space exploration. Forty-six years later, it is still circling the Earth, and should continue to do so for centuries -- long after the passing of the scientists who gave it life.

"I turned five the day Dongfanghong took to the sky," Zhu said. "Somehow, I have felt connected to it ever since."

On Sunday, every Chinese is likely to feel a stronger connection to that magical days in 1970. The State Council recently designated April 24 as Space Day, scheduling annual celebrations for the anniversary of China's first satellite launch.

Behind the achievement is the story of how China developed its own space technology during impoverished and turbulent times.


In 1957 and 1958, the Soviet Union and the United States each launched their first satellites, officially starting a space race. Mao Zedong was quick to pronounce, "We too shall make satellites."

Members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences scrambled to turn those words into reality. They aimed to launch their first probe in 1960.

Publicly, few at the time deemed the goal far-fetched.

But it was the Great Leap Forward, a period of exaggerated agricultural and industrial ambitions. Ordinary Chinese talked of "launching high-yield satellites" in a reference to officials reporting fictitiously high crop yields or industrial output. A satellite launch was harder to fabricate.

In the autumn of 1958, geophysicist Zhao Jiuzhang led a Chinese delegation to the Soviet Union to study space technology, only to be given the cold shoulder. "We have only ourselves to rely on [to develop a satellite]," Zhao said after the trip.

Young Chinese scientists worked day and night for three months and produced models of the satellite and the launch rocket, which would become known as Long March-1. However, they lacked knowledge of basic satellite theory and computing methods. Their first attempt was abandoned.

Realizing that China did not yet have what it would take to develop and launch a satellite, senior scientists decided to instead focus on sounding rockets, designed to take measurements on sub-orbital flights.

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