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You will find that today, there are many types of fall wedding cakes that you can make for the happy time of your life. The richer flavors are naturally appropriate and chocolate is of course a crowd pleaser. You will also find that fall wedding cakes can be chocolate, which is the main type of cake during the fall season. Use dark chocolate or simply a mixture of milk chocolate as well as dark chocolate. You can also try out mixing chocolate with other flavors like hazelnut or cherry. You could also can try to mix them with peanut butter or French vanilla for that amazing taste.

You will find that caramel will add a rich flavor to the cake and as well as dark cherry and the ever delightful espresso. Try to use liquor to give that extra depth to the cake. Chocolate cake with Kaluha or even Godiva liquor and black forest cake with Kirsch are a good combination.

Since the weather is not that scorching hot, you can use almost any cake decoration that you can think of for your autumn wedding cake. Try out Chocolate ganache, buttercream, or even fondant, marzipan or royal icing. They all do very well in these cooler temperatures of fall.

Or would you like to place fresh blooms themselves on your fall wedding cake? Opt for any of the flowers in autumn hues. Go in for sunflowers or orange roses. Another option is marigolds and beautiful zinnias.

Either use them directly or they can be placed by using flowers made from gum paste or even fondant for that real yummy look. Not to missed are ample succulent floral berries. Use these and invoke the autumn spirit!

Now think of the flowers in autumn hues like sunflowers, orange roses; or even marigolds and zinnias which can be can be placed on your fall wedding cake by using fresh blooms themselves or by flowers made from gum paste or fondant. Ample succulent floral berries can also be used if you wish to invoke the autumn spirit.

Another element to consider is that when you are having a fall wedding, there are generally two different routes which you can explore. One is having a rustic and traditional event or you can just have a modern and glamorous affair.

Remember to place them to the side of your wedding cake which has sugar, and put a "Sugar Free" place card in front of them. Give your guests this sweet and healthy option. Another option is the raspberry cups. They are pretty to look at as well as delicious and of course, healthy. They can contain a perfect amount of real raspberries.

So, in the end, we must tell you that if you are working for a good fall wedding, then the rustic will be a good setting for that wonderful day that only happens one time. Along with that fall setting, don't forget about the fall colors that consist of brown, red, orange and yellow. The food you serve along side that nice fall wedding cakes should be something like roast beef or turkey. A pork loin may also be a great choice on your hands. Good luck with your special day and don't forget that there are many great fall wedding decors online.

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