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Reva Elge
Reva Elge Jun 25 '18
Hi there,

I have an Email related problem because I don't know more than about it. So I want to know about, How to delete sbc email account on MAC?

Please give me a valuable suggestion related to this topic.

Thank You

Stella Richards
Stella Richards Jun 25 '18

This will completely delete an email address and email account from the Mac, in which all related email accounts settings and all related emails will be removed from the Mail app in Mac OS X.

Drag the apple menu down and choose 'System Preferences'

Select "Internet accounts"

Select Internet Accounts in System Preferences

Select the email account you want to remove from Mac from the list

Select and delete email account in question from Internet accounts in Mac OS X

With the selected email account, click on the zero button (- or press the Delete key on the keyboard)

Confirm that you want to delete all email and account settings related to email accounts and Mac from the mail account

Remove ethe mail account from Mac and confirm all email in mthe ail app

The account will disappear from the list and all related emails and settings will also disappear from the email address. You can repeat with other email accounts as needed

Delete other mail accounts or internet accounts in Mac OS X

This deletes the email account, related email account settings, and all related emails. You will no longer be able to email again with that email address (unless you set it up again, assume that the account is still active).

It may be helpful to delete an email account when an address is not required or is not in use, but if you decide to erase the mail app in favor of using a different default email client, then this It can also be helpful, whether it be from Gmail or from a different desktop app like the Approach.

If you are deleting an email account because it is no longer active or it is no longer required, then you would also like to delete an email account from an iPhone or iPad where it is in use. Like Mac OS X, deleting an email account from iOS also removes its related emails and settings.

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