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Stella Richards
Stella Richards Jun 12 '18

Hi there,

I have a question related to wifi and I want to the solution. If anyone wants to know about so please tell me, does Netgear Extender work well with games?

Please give me a better suggestion related to this topic.

Thank You

Reva Elge
Reva Elge Jun 12 '18
You have 2 options when using these type of devices. You can run a long ethernet cable from your Xbox until you get to a point you get good signal levels. Performance wise it would be as good as if you sat with your Xbox where you placed this device. The downside is you have to run an ethernet cable to a location that gets the good signal. The second way is to run this as a repeater. You still need to place the device in a location it gets the strong signal from the main router. It will then retransmit the signal to your Xbox. This tends to be tricky to find a location that it can get the good signal from the main router and also provide the good signal to the end device. The downside of repeaters is you lose at a very minimum 50% of your bandwidth. Also since you now have 2 radio links instead of 1 between your Xbox and the modem you double your chance of getting random interference which is the main cause of lag in games.

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