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Amy Wilson
Amy Wilson May 14 '18

Hi there,

I have a computer but it's working very slow now tell me what i do? Can i install an antivirus for computer for protect virus? 

Tell me guys about it.

Thank You!

Reva Elge
Reva Elge May 14 '18

1. Buy legitimate software, and register it.

Only versions of Windows that were bought from a licensed retailer and registered with Microsoft could receive the software upgrade that blocked WannaCry. One reason so many computers outside the United States were hit, experts believe, is that they were running bootleg or borrowed versions of  Windows.

2. Make sure your software is up to date.

Set your system to automatically download and install updates from trusted software providers.

3. Don’t click on links or open attachments from email addresses you don’t know.

One of the biggest sources of malware is fraudulent emails, called spam; seeking info from you via spam is called phishing. Delete unsolicited emails from unfamiliar people or companies no matter how friendly they appear.

4. Instantly leave websites you’ve been routed to without your consent.

And when on the site, don’t click on anything; doing so could trigger a malware download to your PC.

5. Have a pop-up blocker running on your web browser.

That keeps potentially dangerous ads from appearing on your screen. Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge include pop-up blockers.

6. Use a reputable antivirus program, and always keep it updated.

Almost immediately after WannaCry appeared, major antivirus vendors released updates to protect their users.

7. Regularly back up your important files to an external drive or a remote storage service.

The easiest way to recover from any malware attack is to restore a recent backup of your data.

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