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Master Dinanath is an ex-freedom fighter. When he gets Thakur Pratap Singh arrested for arms smuggling, he has Master's wife Bharati and young daughter Priti kidnapped and also turns his locality's public against him. Dinanath escapes with his young son Raju and they settle into a slum named Bharat Nagar. Meanwhile, Bharati contracts leprosy and escapes from her kidnappers, leaving her daughter Priti in a friend's care. Dinanath is led to presume that his wife and daughter are dead. Bharati Nagar is ruled by four underworld dons, each representing a different Indian community. Dinanath persuades them to live in harmony and once they settle their differences, the four dons use Dinanath's stay in Bharat Nagar to cover up their own illegal activities. Fast Forward to 15 years later, the year is 1962. Dinanath's now grown-up son Raju turns out to be the opposite of his father by being drawn into the underworld, committing crimes to earn money with his father unaware of what he does. Raju starts working for Thakur Pratap Singh, unaware that Thakur had once kidnapped his mother and sister many years earlier which caused their separation. Will Raju find out what Thakur did to his family? Will Dinanath find out his son is not what he thinks he is? And will Dinanath ever find his wife and daughter again? I have seen a lot of Indian films--particularly the films of Bollywood's biggest stat, Amitabh Bachchan. However, despite me enjoying his films, I am no blind fan--and I really, really disliked "Desh Premee".

The film has a LOT of plot shoved into the film--perhaps too much. When the film begins, Dinanth (Bachchan) is a freedom fighter battling the British for Indian independence. Oddly, only seconds later, India is independent! Now, inexplicably, this well-respected man is ruined by local mobsters--and his wife and daughter are taken from him. He is left with his young son--and no place to live. So, they pack up and move. They settle into a town where mobsters also rule. Oddly, however, as time passes, Dinath's young son, Raju (ALSO played by Bachchan!!) turns out to be a bit of a bandit himself--and extorts money out of the local mobsters! He's a real jerk--and he later meets up with a young lady who, inexplicably, gets married to him...of sorts. To see what I mean, see the film...or not!

The film has too many divergent plots and should have been trimmed a bit. Additionally, although Indians might have accepted Bachchan in dual roles, the idea of someone playing BOTH father and IDENTICAL son is just too stupid for me. I especially loved when Raju dressed up EXACTLY like his father and yet the mobsters didn't think he was the dad or vice-versa!! Additionally, I just thought Raju was too much of a jerk to care about him or his story. Overall, a pretty dumb film--and a rare misfire for Bachchan. Manmohan Desai-Amitabh gave several blockbusters since AAA, SUHAAG, NASEEB DESH PREMEE released in 1982 however didn't fare too well and got a lot of flak especially On paper, the story sounds very promising, mostly MDK films never boasted of a good story but were handled brilliantly by him This time however he doesn't really succeed as he uses several gimmicks which spoil the show also the film fails because there are several overdone scenes

The film starts off well with the Independence era shown well, Amitabh's torture scenes are well handled and slowly the story keeps you involved The scenes depicting the war between the 2 communities is well handled Alls well till a point There is one action scene involving the younger Bachchan saving Hema from the gang and the background music of AAA(when Bachchan and Vinod Khanna fight) is used The film does loosen in pace but still one has faith the film will be a riveting one

However things get ruined due to several sub plots and several scenes overdone Sample this: Amitabh comes dressed as an inspector and arrests the real inspector Navin Nischol and they suddenly break into a song JAA JALDI BAAG JAA(by Kishore/Amit Kumar)which looks so flimsy and fake

Plus Amitabh dressing up in a disguise in the song TAN TANDANA is stupid Then towards the end when Older Bachchan and Young Bachchan swap places it becomes all the more stupid

Though some scenes are handled well, yet the drama and storytelling fall short several times

Direction by MDK is not at his best yet he does a good job in some scenes, the master touch is missing Music by LP is good, Kishore returns as Big B's voice in a MDK film after not singing for Big B in SUHAAG/NASEEB which is good, even Rafi gave his voice last time for Big B as he did 2 years before the releas

Amongst actors Amitabh Bachchan does well in both the roles and shows a distinct identity whch is his hallmark and he played a dual role several times In the older role he does a good job while in the younger role too he does a good job but the role is an extension of his roles in Mr.Natwarlal and other films Hema Malini paired again after NASEEB with Big B does a decent job but her role is not too important as it was in NASEEB Parveen Babi playing Amitabh's lost sister/daughter is alright Navin Nischol is okay though he looks overweight, this role was supposed to be done by Shatru who perhaps didn't accept as he had problems with Bachchan those days and he would play second fiddle to Big B again after NASEEB Sharmila has a shorter role and does well Amongst rest Amjad Khan is as usual, Kader Khan doesn't get much scope Jeevan is as usual Shammi Kapoor does a good job, Parikshit Sahini and Prem Nath are adequate while the late Uttam Kumar who died while filming and his scenes were carried out by AB's hairdresser is good too 7cb1d79195

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