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and sister to water and fertilize the land. At that time, he will have a fight with Fuyang. Fuyang likes water seedlings. He doesn't like chemical control. Seeing the sky and the water, the deputy company commander needs to drop water. Dalei has tasted the cotton madness and has no output loss. Every stage will ask for advice. The company's production deputy company commander Online Cigarettes, due to the rational application of chemical control, the father and son, you control the land of the five roads, I am in the east of the yard, secretly competing. During the day, I saw my face blowing my beard and my eyes were not good. Some things were passed through Fuyang��s daughter-in-law, Xiaowu and Dalei��s daughter-in-law Marlboro Lights. The mother-in-law and the two sisters were laughing and laughing in the middle, but the days also had a taste. Last spring, Dalei��s sister is married, Fuyang is distressed by her daughter, and she is crying. Dalei usually looks at her sister��s horizontal nose, yelling and arguing, sometimes talking to her sister��s tears, ten days and a half. I don��t say a word to Dalei in the month. When my sister got married, Dalei was also unambiguous. The first-hand gave my sister 150,000 dowry money. She also recruited her brother-in-law to her own family and distributed it to her brother-in-law. Get out of the car, brother-in-law, contribute, at the end of the year, remove the oil money and repair costs, earned money is counted as brother-in-law, this incident makes the rich anode touched, privately, thumb out to the daughter-in-law Xiaowu said: my son, It��s a man who doesn��t look at the noisy days on the weekdays. Dalei��s key time is still very powerful. Fuyang��s mouth is awkward and he wants to eat stinky tofu. His wife can��t stand the entanglement of him. He did something to help him solve it. Fuyang Even though the poisoned life was dying, it was sent directly to the Urumqi People��s Hospital for rescue. Because the company did not cash in at the time Carton Of Cigarettes, Dalei had many children and friends, and the relationship was wide. Contacted friends from all walks of life to raise hospitalization fees overnight, contact airlifting detoxification, and arrange inpatient emergency. Treatment, the family took care of the day and night, Fuyang was considered to be out of danger. Everyone said that Fuyang��s life was rescued by Dalei Parliament Cigarettes. Before the Fuyang was absolutely stunned, but after this hospitalization, even Everyone is so amused, Fuyang is not angry, laughing at this time by default, Dalei decided to plant trees in the east of Fudi, Fuyang is also strongly opposed in front of it. When Dalei plans to plant trees, Fuyang can��t say it, Dalei simply doesn��t Li Fuyang that set, bought more than 20,000 ash trees, red leaf sea bream, purple leaf thick Li seedlings, said dry to do, locomotive lalin bed, hired people to dig tree pits, the five or sixty squad lined up The scene of the tree pit made Fuyang look a little guilty in his heart. How long does it take to see the benefits? Or the good guy, the manpower and the machine have already spent more than 60,000. The child��s brain is full of enthusiasm. Last year, the cows were built to raise cattle. After the cows were sent to the car, they drove to the mainland to drive by themselves. Fuyang had to panic and milk to sell milk, saying that buying sheep and feeding it would buy it. I came back to more than 100, and the bundles were bought and bought there. The tarpaulins on the cloudy and rainy days were all worried about Xiangyang. Just want to be a little idle, Dalei also took down the Xincheng Hotel in the regiment to receive the guests�� cleaning. Live is also on the body of Fuyang's daughter-in-law, Xiao Wu. This family is busy. In the spring, the company was busy, and Zhang Luo was at home and Fuyang and his wife Su Xiaowu were worried. Dalei and his friends took over the corn planting and dripping tasks of the 3,000-mu land in the Southern District. They were busy during the day and night. Dalei's daughter-in-law, brother-in-law, and two little sister-in-laws, plus the sister who just came back from the city to have a full moon, a spring sowing, everyone fights medicine, soil preparation, cooking, bringing children, running back and forth, raising Cattle and sheep, everyone feels that they are busy with the same as snoring. This is not the case. The seedlings in the cotton field are green and oily, and the cockroaches have grown very high Marlboro Cigarettes. The white ash, the red-leaved sea bream and the purple-leaf condensed plums all grow sprouts. New Ye, Dalei has recently heated up to pick up stones and catch scorpions. Fuyang plans to raise 500 chickens and 200 ducks on the 20-acre woodland. The family��s days are hard but full of joy. .
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