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In the morning, I fell asleep in bed. Grandma called me up and said excitedly: "It's snowing. There are heavy snow." happy to put on my clothes, get out of bed and come outside. so beautiful. I played hide-and-seek with my friends, snowballing, snowman... I wanted to reach out and catch it, but it was like a magician, and it suddenly disappeared. Only leave the spotted wet spots.g outside, soy-like snowflakes slowly scatter. This is the first snow in 2012!er playing for a whole morning, my body was sweating and my face was hot. But still want to play. When I was playing and playing, I remembered my childhood: playing snow and falling, crying and crying.as a winter, and it was snowing. I saw my brother and sister are skiing. I have to go. I was only six or seven years old. My brother said not to go, very dangerous, easy to slip. I didn't believe it, my brother took me quickly, and I tried my best to open his hand and quickly slipped. I didn��t expect it to just slip, but I fell on my back, and I woke up.I think of it, it was so stupid at the time, I didn��t listen to my brother��s words. Snow is pure and selfless. It clearly knows that it will turn into water when it floats down, but it floats unselfishly.ut a thin coat on the earth; put a coat on the house; shimmered the branches with silver; and put on new clothes for people Marlboro Red 100S.e afternoon, the snow melted, and it came in a hurry and went in a hurry.ave seen such a cartoon: a child is locked in a fence with a sign on his hand How Much Is A Carton Of Newports. The sign reads: art class, dance class, essay class, Olympic class, English class, guitar class, piano class. A series of extracurricular interest tutoring classes, there are more than a dozen! There is also a line on the top of the comic: don't let the children run around during the holiday. reading this picture, I was very impressed. At the same time, there was such a scene in my mind: a holiday, a child jumped back home, sitting on the sofa and thinking, "It��s a holiday, you can take a break..." Who knows this time? Dad��s voice: ��Fast! What are you doing there? Go and organize the art classes!�� The child looked very abrupt and went to class very disappointingly Parliament Cigarettes. After the art class came back, he was going to take a nap to watch TV for a while, but he heard the voice of his mother again: "Go Marlboro Lights, baby, I have reported to you the Olympiad class. I believe you will be your class math. The best!" So the child went to the Olympic class again. I haven't sat down yet - "My little granddaughter, let's go to the piano class, we grew up on time and talented women..." This is the voice of a grandfather. Then it was the voice of Grandma: "Going to the dance class..." Then the aunt: "........." "........." In short, the child is rushing between the courses, day after day, and finally Tired of the body, and almost did not learn anything.or parents in the world", parents of course do want to be good for their children, but the result is very clear, it is not wise to do so, almost nothing has been learned, but also tired of the child's body, the most important thing is To make a child lose his freedom Newport Cigarettes Website, that is, to make the child lose happiness and childhood. The disease can be cured, and things can be learned later, but happiness and freedom are indispensable. Only the open sky can let the birds fly, only the vast sea can make the fish swim. It��s impossible to frame the child��s death and death with countless extracurricular remedial classes. Why bother? It is better to let the children choose the course they like to study, so that the child has learned the knowledge in a solid way, and realized the joy of learning, and has not lost his freedom. So why not try the three things?n are yearning for freedom, everything can be absent, but for children, the most important thing besides parents is spiritually indispensable happiness and freedom. Here, I want to remind all parents: "Don't let your child lose his freedom!" 

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