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Ray Trey

Well, your professor has an essay for you. Before writing the paper, you may need an annotated bibliography. So, here is information about an annotated bibliography.

Annotation Defined

Most people will tell you that an annotation is a summary of learning material. However, it should also give information about the importance of the reading material. You need to identify if the author is tackling similar topics to yours. Still, the annotation should provide data on the reliability of the text. It also recognizes the qualification of authors.     

Don’t Confuse an Annotation with an Abstract

You can confuse an abstract to an annotated bibliography. An abstract describes the learning material. It intends to help you know the purpose of the writing. Thus, it may contain the conclusion and the results of learning material. Annotations are evaluative. They assess how essential the learning material is to particular research. Still, annotations have a critical element.            

Annotated Bibliography: What is the Definition?

It is a list of references that contain a short paragraph beneath it. Usually, the writing beneath comprises of up to 200 words. The length depends on the preference of your professor. Still, annotated bibliography may serve various functions. Below is a list of these purposes:

·         It identifies the primary sources of data for the research theme.          

·         The annotations help to develop a thesis statement.            

·          Demonstrates of your understanding of the research topic.  

·         It helps in the review of the literature.                                   

Categories of an Annotated Bibliography

When writing an annotated bibliography, you can produce one of the following:

·         Analytical annotations: It is a summary and an analysis of the primary arguments of an author. The annotation identifies the strong and weak points of the learning material. Besides, it examines the applicability of the writing to the research topic.

·         Descriptive annotations: It summarizes the primary arguments of an author. However, it ignores the author’s conclusion. Still, it identifies reasons the source is essential for the research. So, this type of annotation is for informative purposes. 


Getting Started

Well, now you can begin writing your annotations. Here is the process.

Pick your reference materials. Research relevant learning materials for your study.

Review the sources. Choose the materials that provide different views of your topic.

Cite and annotate. Begin with a complete reference of the annotated bibliography. The annotation will follow beneath the citations. When coming up with the write-up, include the following:                  

·         A summary of the learning material.

·         The author’s intention.

·         The target audienceof the written material targets.

·         Any bias or strength of the work.     

Once you are through with the writings, arrange them chronologically or alphabetically. However, this will depend on the instructions of your paper.           

What’s Next?

You may fail to produce an excellent annotated bibliography because of some reasons. For example, lack of enough time may limit your capability to write one. Well, you can buy papers online. Professional writing companies that write papers offer assistance to students at a fee.

Ray Trey

The reason why students seek online writing services is to excel in education. Many services are available online to help you handle your essays, research papers, assignments, and coursework effectively. Nevertheless, not all writing companies are genuine. You need to find a reliable service to help you in your academics. Some students do not have the time or knowledge to write their writing assignments. However, they can order it from professional writing service. If you are one of the students who need online professional help, these four tips may be what you need to get it right.


In order to buy anything, it is obvious you would like to see it first. You need to see the product and match it with the quality you want. If they do not match, then the chances are you will not consider it. Samples are important in the choice you make because:

·         Poorly qualified services will not provide the samples or will not allow you to access them.

·         Any service that will request you to pay before you access any of their samples is not legit. A good service will only ask you to provide your email, and you get the samples. Samples will help you know if a service is competent or not.

·         Do not let a service provide samples that are not relevant to your need. Some companies have a few well-written samples, which they provide to every individual who asks for them. Ensure you get samples in your field and relevant to the topic of study.  This will help you know how well they will be able to handle your assignments.


If other clients used the same service and were satisfied, they will be glad to share the same information. You can ask your friends if they have used the company you want to consider and if yes, know about their experience. If anyone recommends it, find more on:

·         The cost;

·         Whether they can use the same essay writing service again and know why they can or cannot;

·         Delivery time and reliability.

Do not get satisfied with the information you get from individuals. Do more detailed research and pick a service that posts clients’ feedback. Remember not all comments will be positive since some clients may not provide all the instructions. Sometime the comments will be genuine the writer produced shoddy work. Consider what many clients say about the service.

Contact details

If you find a service that can be conducted only through the website, better look for another writing company. Look for a service that has a diverse mode of communication. Find a good service that you can comfortably refer to as my essay writing service because you can contact them through a phone call or email. They should also be prompt in responding to your texts or emails. Know if you can have direct communication with the writer.

Guarantees and satisfaction

It does not matter the level of the company’s recommendations and establishment. It should have some procedure in case things go wrong. Ensure you read all the procedures and be satisfied with the quality of the services they offer.

With these tips, you can easily identify the best service and rely on it to help you work on your assignments well. Trust excellent online services. They will help you overcome academic hurdles in the easiest way possible.

Ray Trey

In a student's life, the hustle of having to deal with numerous and different writing assignments can be tedious and overwhelming. Nevertheless, handling these writing tasks gets much easier and manageable if the student employs the right approach in dealing with the work. Luckily, if push comes to shove, the student could always obtain help from custom essay writing services. The custom essay writing services are especially useful for students who lack the time and adequate resources to handle their assignments.

The essay writing services are agencies that are majorly online based where one could acquire any type of assignment help. From a custom essay writing service, a student can buy marketing assignment help or assignment help in more technical disciplines such as engineering. On the other hand, if a student chooses to handle their assignments without obtaining help from anyone, it is imperative for them to be equipped with useful tips for handling stressful amounts of assignments.

·         Plan Well Before Writing

Planning entails making the schedule by which one will use to do their work. The schedule is meant to help the student to efficiently manage time when writing. It goes without mentioning that, it is always advisable for the student to start doing their assignments immediately they are assigned since the concepts learned are still fresh in their minds. When planning, it is also crucial to set aside an adequate amount of time for each task to be handled.

·         Eradicate all Possible Causes of Distractions

After making the homework's schedule and plan, it is important to eradicate all the possible causes of distractions. These distractions include elements such as playing television and having one's cell phone while working. These elements of distractions might cause the student to lose their concentration and thus waste a lot of time by indulging in these elements. It goes without mentioning that, it is crucial for the student to avoid these distractions for maximum concentration. Another noteworthy point is that the student should have a comfortable working space to avoid straining. The working space should be just comfortable but not too comfortable that the student might drift to sleep or lose focus.

·         Stay Motivated All Through the Writing Process

Staying motivated when dealing with lots of writing assignments is undeniably difficult. However, the student should figure out the best way to keep themselves motivated. The most effective way to keep yourself motivated throughout is by taking short breaks in between the tasks. For instance, a fifteen-minute break after working for two hours is enough to make the student feel rejuvenated and reenergized to do more work.

To keep your motivation up, it is also important to remind yourself of the bigger picture and what can be achieved at the end of it all. Understanding the sole purpose of doing the work in the first place is essential to help the student to keep going despite the tediousness of dealing with the stressful writing assignments.

The writing process is quite tiring, but with the right approach and the above-mentioned tips, the student is sure of doing their work without much stress.

Ray Trey

Working students try to do it all. They believe that working full time can be combined with online learning classes without difficulty. It is only when the homework and research papers start to pile up that they begin to realize what a big mistake they have made. Then they look for free essay online help to assist with their situation.

Most professionally involved students require additional time to work on their essay and research papers. The problem, is that the work schedule that they have only allows them to attend online classes as that schedule is variable. The homework and research papers have a set deadline. That is why they often try to do the work by looking up free essay online solutions.

Free essay online services can be helpful to the student up to a certain extent. For example, it helps to introduce the student to a new topic if he is unfamiliar with the subject. It also points the student in the right direction for starting his essay or research paper. It really pays to have access to free essay online samples when you are a student pressed for time. However, the essay or research paper may not be fully completed just by accessing the free essay onlinepresentations. Some simple papers may be completed that way. The more complex papers though, require more research, update information, and analytical writing. That is when the free essay online service steps in with suggestions for hiring a professional academic writer to help the working student complete the work on time.

When a student combines work with studies, he barely has time to do both. When considering academics, the working student tends to have time for reading class materials rather than actual essay and research paper development. That is why free essay online services need to be backed up with actual academic writing assistance. The free essay online materials help the student gain outside of the eBook information by accessing the work of other students. Which makes the student more analytical in his approach to any written work. However, without the time to actually follow through on the paper research so that additional material can be added to his paper, the free essay online doesn’t do the student much good.

Working students needs to combine the benefits of free essay online services with academic writing outsourcing to get the full benefit of the free essay online. This is the best learning method for a working student who may not have time to write the actual research paper or essay but can spare the time to read the written material that was originally developed for his use.

Working students often praise the combination of free essay online services with available academic writing companies. They have found that it helps them to become better educated individuals and allows them to learn better by having exposure to both old and new information regarding the essay or research paper topic.




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Barton Moody
Only the master thesis, then it is done! Unfortunately, the last chapter of your university career is not written. But the arduous topic search has already plunged so many happy nature into depression overnight. How do I find the right topic for my master's thesis? We have tips for you.

Master's thesis: Is that important?

The master's thesis is the brilliant completion of your university career. Should she at least be? A lump is the final task but for the least. Already the first step is a torment. What should I write for heaven's sake only? How do I find my master's topic?
Please do not underestimate: The choice of topics is challenging and important. Very important even. Once you have officially registered your issue, there is no turning back. If you notice afterward, what a complicated block has been tied to your leg, you could have real problems at the last stage of the university.

Therefore, choose your topic wisely, ask writers from EduBirdie if you made a right choice. It is better to spend too much time than too little. Also a good tip: Keep your eyes and ears open DURING THE STUDY. I'm sure there's an exciting topic on the way along the way, which you'll want to explore more intensively later on.

Master's thesis topic choice: These aspects are essential

1. Interest

That is the fundamental requirement. If you can not get anything out of the stock market, you should not focus on Markowitz's portfolio theory as your master thesis. After all, you have to deal with the fabric for weeks, sometimes even day and night. Be sure to pick a topic that interests you.

2. Starting point

Does your bachelor thesis produce enough material to build on this? Can you shed some light on an aspect of your master's thesis even deeper, more detailed or from another angle? Take a good look at your Bachelor thesis. Especially if you (relatively) like to think back and have had good experiences.

3. Reference

The Master's thesis is about working scientifically. Inevitably, most of them, of course, already look at their job entry. One thing can be linked to the other. By choosing a topic that is directly related to your desired profession or your desired industry. This can also be a real pound for you afterward in the application.

4. Supervisor

Sometimes the indirect way is the better. If you would like to write about the mating behavior of great tits, but you can not cope with the corresponding ornithologist at all, a thematic change may be more clever. In other words, sometimes it makes sense to focus the Master's topic on your desired mentor - and not vice versa.

5. Resources

For your psychological experiment, which you want to carry out as part of your master's thesis, you need a lot of volunteers with a lot of free time. Do you have that on the screen? The best thesis does not work if you do not get the necessary resources together. Otherwise, your work, despite a mature topic, threatens to fail in its implementation. Include this in your plans right from the start.

Roberta Masters


Since a famous Jules Ferry, the instruction is compulsory from 6 to 16 years. But who says instruction does not necessarily mean schooling. "Compulsory education may be given either in public or private schools or schools, or in families by parents, or one of them, or any person of their choice. "Says the law. To instruct one's own child is therefore perfectly legal, provided that the mayor and the inspector of the academy are informed each year.

Year after year, more families are applying this right. For the last two years, Brigitte Prot has been seeing more and more disappointed parents who opt for family education, alone or with other parents. "This is a really unprecedented situation, in connection with the crisis. There is a real concern for parents, an awareness that the school no longer meets the needs of society and children are often using recommended essay writing services instead of libraries. A movement that also echoes the unease of the school: teachers having more and more difficulties to ask themselves as adults against their pupils, overcrowded classes, etc. And within this movement, the trend of mothering - home birth, long breastfeeding, non-violent education ... - also makes its nest, signing a retreat on the family cocoon.

There are two forms of home-schooling:

 - CPC, or Correspondence Course: children are enrolled in public correspondence courses (CNED,) or private (Legendre, Pi, EPC, Valin). These courses follow the curriculum, and in each subject, homework, corrected and marked by the organization, are regularly sent.

 - The IEF, for Instruction In Family: children are educated in the family, without correspondence courses recognized by the State. Children are subject to annual pedagogical checks by national education inspectors. In 2005-2006, 2869 children were involved in IEF.

Another vision of learning

Faced with the "mass education", the "formatted education" of the National Education, the defendants of the IEF claim an individualized pedagogy. Their creed: to place the child at the heart of learning by respecting its rhythms in each subject, opting for the method that best corresponds to its "operation", spending the necessary time on the points on which it stumbles. An argument of individualization that the psychopedagogue completely understands: "Differentiated pedagogy is clearly not put into practice at school," she laments. And for good reason, there is in this matter a real deficit of teacher training ". And recognize that homeschool can respect this personalization of learning ... provided that the adult teacher is attentive and knows how to apply it.

Tod Parker

The semester break has begun and there are some chores. But suddenly the white screen becomes a threat because the sentences simply do not want to be formed. How do you get out of a writer's block?

A writer's block can catch anyone: the author's new novel, the journalist's editorial, even the engineer's report - written everywhere and writers can stall anywhere. But especially for students, a writer's block can be dangerous if, for example, a deadline is approaching, and you only cannot bring anything to paper. Everyone knows the problem, but who knows the right solution? With our tips, you're guaranteed to get back in the flow!

A writer's block - what is it and where does it come from?Experts speak in writing inhibitions of the inability to articulate thoughts and write down. The view sweeps through the room; no idea can be captured, everything seems to be more interesting and important than writing. Purposeful, structured thinking becomes a challenge. A writer's block can take on very different proportions: Some find it difficult to find an entry, and to get into the writing flow only once. But others cannot do that, so each sentence is broken a thousand times, deleted. And then you discover a fallen book again, or you realize that you could vacuum again.

Why?Most of the time the blockage comes all of a sudden and you're wondering why it hits you right now. Sometimes it already helps to know the reason. There are two possibilities. One of the "symptoms" of a psychological nature is the fear of failure. You're so under pressure to be good, so you brace yourself while writing. But also regarding content, in work itself, obstacles are lurking. You have all the information in front of you, read all the books and studied all the statistics. You just have to sort them out. And exactly here lies the problem. The mass of material seems insurmountably large and you do not succeed in producing the necessary connections and organizing the ideas.

With these five tips, you will get a clear head again and can plunge into the keys!

1. Structure your textA mountain of information is in front of you and you have no idea how to put all that into coherent text? First, visit Ukessay.com where you can find some examples of how to structure the text and then think about an outline of your text and introduce some sections. So you have your skeleton and only have to work on the individual points.
2. Allow yourself a change of sceneryFor hours you are sitting in the Uni-Bib and your head is smoking. The gray wall stares at you and you stare back. Time for a change of scenery. Find a place where you feel comfortable. It can be anywhere: in the park, in bed or a café. It also helps some students to drive home to their parents to focus on writing.

3. Start in the middle of itWhich belongs to the sort that comes hard in a text? You just do not want to think of the introduction? But who says you have to start with the introduction? Pick the point out of the outline you can say the most and just start. You can also write the introduction later. Some professional scribbles often even make it that they write the beginning at the end because then they know exactly what the text looks like.
4. Eliminate disturbing factorsWe all know them: Handy, Facebook, Emails & Co, also known as "the enemies of your work." However, the solution to this problem is so simple that you do not even think about it at first. How about turning it off? If you go into the bib, keep your phone down and do not even get it out of your pocket. Create an environment that is free of distraction potential!
5. Take a breakBreaks are the nuts and bolts of a learning or writing day. But they do not work on the principle "I learn 10 minutes and reward myself with an hour off". Taking a break in a disciplined and disciplined way can put your brain in top form. Take a breath of fresh air for half an hour, turn off your head and banish Unikram from your thoughts (and conversations with fellow students)! Then you can start again with new strength.

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Barton Moody

This is a question that often comes up: Should we have done a long study before starting a business? Or can we just start without knowing anything and see what happens?

For having tested the second solution, I can give you a feedback, and tell you whether or not to learn, training is necessary, and if so what is the effective solution to do it.

To learn or not to learn?

In reality, everything depends on the individual. Sometimes even those who have no professional education are still able to succeed in the world of entrepreneurship. Some say they owe it to their patience, hard work and dedication. But others, I want to say for the majority of cases, it is entrepreneurs who have succeeded in stressing the importance of training.

On the other hand, those entrepreneurs who stress the importance of training, also specify that the school is not always the ideal place to train!

I grew up with the idea that the only possible way to succeed in life was to go to school for a long time (even though I often used helpers like https://edubirdie.com/buy-an-essay-online for my studies). To have both solid knowledge, and a good degree. And I realized that there were so many ways to train, and that "school" did not have exclusivity. Private companies give training, independent give advice, not to mention videos, books, articles that are often an excellent source of information. But even more important: The street. In other words, practice, experience, mistakes are also a huge source of knowledge.

Some entrepreneurs do not have the appropriate "educational background" and yet they have succeeded in their chosen field. How many times have you heard of an entrepreneur who started from scratch and is now a millionaire or billionaire? Ingvar Kamprad (Ikea), Amancio Otega (Zara), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Richard Branson (Virgin) all billionaires. Maybe it's not just about education.

The counter-example also exists: Peter Thiel (Paypal), Michael Bloomberg (Mayor of New York), Sergey Brin and Larry Page (Google), Warren Buffet (Investor) ... All graduates and billionaires. But can we say that these entrepreneurs owe their success to their degree? It's less certain ... Peter Thiel himself claims that the university is a waste of time!

One thing is certain: Graduate or not, that does not mean to be without training, not to know his heart of trade. Zuckerberg was able to program Facebook because he had learned to do it. No matter what means he used to learn, he still learned!

My feedback

I have long thought that entrepreneurship was for others. These are my readings (notably "Father Rich Poor Father" by Robert Kiyosaki), who influenced me to think the opposite. Suddenly, I embarked on the adventure of Web-Entrepreneurship, without luggage (My degree in economics is probably the most useless baggage it is). But inevitably, I had to face a lot of questions! Questions that led me to learn, learn, learn ... Sometimes alone by making mistakes, sometimes by talking to others, more experienced than me.

I lost a lot of time not knowing things. But I lost less than if I had learned them in any other way than myself.

Even though a "good education" is very often superfluous or unnecessary, learning is the best thing you can do as an entrepreneur. The problem with classical education is that you are thrown into the mouth, and you have to swallow it without flinching. While you manage, you learn what you want, you learn the things you need, when you need them.

And that's very important! The information is very volatile, you forget it very quickly if you do not use it immediately, or it is not very important. And being "self-taught", do not exempt you from training. On the other hand, you must be able to forge your own education. That's the difference.

If you are not able or afraid to learn alone, you would benefit from being guided by a degree focused on entrepreneurship. Otherwise, you will lose your time.

Apart from education, there are many qualities to master: innovation, creativity, risk-taking, and many others. Besides, you can have the best degree in the world, and not undertake ...

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Richard Smith

This installment of the series takes a decidedly more adult turn. Zoey loses her virginity, then her boyfriend and all her friends. Basically she is a teenager dealing with the fall out of that huge life decision. This is huge reason why I like how the Cast women have written these novels. They give the situation the proper weight in a teenager’s life.

The bad doesn’t end there… There is a new type of vampire. These are the type that need blood to survive and will burn in the daylight, they are also evil and will willingly kill to feed. Not only do these vampyres exist, but one of Zoey’s best friends is one. This drives her to help save her friend, with Nyx’s blessing. This is just another time that Zoey does an unpopular thing, but that is right thing to do.

What else could happen in one just over 300 pages? Professors start dying, and their deaths are blamed on the religious zealots in the area. The point is made that just because someone has a different religion than you, it doesn’t mean they are less of a person or more evil than you. This is extremely relevant in our society, and I like the way that it is delivered. In reality there are no vampyres and the People of Faith don’t exist. It allows the social commentary to be made without offending anyone involved.

House of Night Series: Untamed Review

If the last novel, Chosen, was the fall of Zoey, this is a novel of redemption for Zoey. It is explained that alone they will fall, but together they might survive. outline for persuasive essay that I like.I am starting to feel like the Cast women are trying to teach me important life lessons. As long as they keep writing intriguing and compelling books, I won’t mind.

In this novel Aphrodite starts to become more of a main character. She is the most spoiled and worldly of the group, and therefore the most cynical. Her goddess given gift is visions of future tragedies, and in the past she used them to gain power. Since then she has made a 180 degree turn, as her desire to be deserving of Nyx’s love has changed her. I like the balance she brings to Zoey’s goody goodiness, who I am starting to be a little annoyed by. Her desire to be good all the time is a little wearing. I feel like she is good less b/c she wants to and more b/c it is expected of her. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad that she has this desire. I just wish was based in something stronger.

Richard Smith Dec 26 '17 · Tags: college, education, essay
Richard Smith

It's crazy how much the average person doesn't know about metal, considering how much we use it. It's not like William Alexander and Arthur Street haven't tried. essay paper helpfot you. They first published Metals in the Service of Manin 1946, and by the time of this 1972 paperback edition, according to the back cover, "more than 400,000 copies of it have been sold and it has served to introduce the fascination of metals to many young people."  The authors' idea was to write engagingly about metallurgy for the layperson, without sparing readers some of the real science of it, nor the exacting details that can come with real science.

Start reading MITSOMand you quickly wonder: why don't I know this stuff already?  The most important metal? Iron. The heaviest metal? Osmium. The Romans learned to make fires hot enough to melt metal in eathernware containers and pour it into hollowed stone or clay molds to make spearheads and other implements. Gold was valued initially for its utility -- it could be melted and reshaped repeatedly without a loss in weight. That earned it a role in jewelry and coins. What's bronze?  Mostly copper, with some zinc and a pinch of tin. Early smelters having difficulty deriving metal from ore often blamed the devil, Old Nick, which is where the name nickel comes from.  Cobalt's name, similarly, comes from mythical German elves called kobolds.

Who knew?  Of course, this is a 330-page book, and there aren't enough fascinating facts to keep up that torrid pace. As the water gets deeper, we learn a lot about the melting points of all the different metals, about the Bessemer process, about alloys. One alloy I think is especially cool is invar -- iron and 36 percent nickel. Unlike most other metals, invar barely expands due to heat. This quality made it popular for early use in making accurate measuring tapes. More recently, invar was used in picture tubes of high-end TV sets so the video image wouldn't distort.

They kept printing Metals in The Service of Manafter 1972.  It looks like the latest edition came out in 1999.  It's possible it will see the printing press yet again.   "One of the exciting things about science is that you never know will happen tomorrow," the authors write on the last page. "Far greater scientists than we have announced what they thought was the 'last word' on their branch of knowledge and have soon been proved to be wrong. Therefore modestly but hopefully we will wait and see."

Richard Smith Dec 26 '17 · Tags: education, essay
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