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Ball valves are durable, performing well after many cycles, and reliable, closing securely even with long periods of disuse valve . These qualities get them to an excellent option for shutoff applications, where they are generally preferred to gates and globe valves. That said, they actually do lack fine control in throttling applications.

Although ball valves have a tendency to cost better than gate valves of comparable quality, the minimal saving will not be worth the potential problems that are likely to follow. Moreover, ball valves seal much tighter - and so are therefore a lot less prone to leaks - than gate valves because of the 100 % shut off characteristics. Ball valves offer greater longevity, a lesser rate of failure, and so are easier to use than gate valves.

Gate valves have one major edge over ball valves. Because the frequent lowering and raising mechanism is slow, they are unable to cause a water hammer. For this reason, some municipalities need the valve nearest towards the water meter as a gate valve.

However, gate valves have disadvantages likewise. The screw mechanism that opens and closes the valve can certainly fall victim to corrosion. Once corroded, the valve won't work properly. Gate valves really should be used in fully open or fully closed positions, but it's possible on some models with the valve to get stuck partially open or partially closed. This causes vibration on the gate, which may damage the valve. Gate valves can often be difficult to operate by those that have disabilities, and in addition they don't offer a visual clue towards the "on" or "off" position.

The valve can have two, three and even four ports (2-way, 3-way or 4-way). The vast majority of ball valves are 2-way and manually operated which has a lever. The lever is line with pipe once the valve is opened. In closed position, the handle is perpendicular to your pipe check this . Manually operated ball valves is usually quickly closed and so there is a chance water hammer with fast-flowing media. Some ball valves are fitted that has a transmission. The 3-way valves come with an L-shaped or T-shaped bore. As a result, various circuit functions may be achieved for instance distributing or mixing flows. In the image below, the circuit functions 3-way ball valves are shown schematically.

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