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SRINAGAR Melker Karlsson Jersey , Indian-controlled Kashmir, Feb. 4 (Xinhua) -- Indian military Thursday said there was little chance of finding survivors among the 10 troopers buried under avalanche on Siachen Glacier near Line of Control (LoC) in Indian-controlled Kashmir.

""It is with deepest of regrets that we have to state that chances of finding any survivors are now very remote,"" Indian military spokesman Col N N Joshi said.

An avalanche hit a military post located at a height of 19,600 feet (5,974 meters) early Wednesday, burring alive at least ten troopers including a junior-level officer.

Following the avalanche Kevin Labanc Jersey , military pressed in rescue teams including helicopters from air force to trace the missing troopers.

The spokesman said rescuers bracing adverse climatic conditions continued the searches for second straight day.

""The glaciated area presents temperatures ranging from a minimum of minus 42 degrees in the night to maximum of minus 25 degrees during the day,"" Joshi said. ""Specialized equipment was flown in to Leh today morning to further boost the rescue efforts.""

Siachen Glacier, considered as the highest battlefield in world, is at an altitude of 7,000 meters above sea level in Ladakh province of Indian-controlled Kashmir.

It is located in eastern Karakoram range in the Himalayan mountains on LoC between India and Pakistan.

Last month, four Indian troopers on routine patrol were killed by an avalanche in the same region.

The glacier's treacherous sub zero climate cost billions of U.S. dollars in military expenditures for India and have counted for scores of lives Justin Braun Jersey , more due to frostbite and high altitude sickness than combat action.

There have been calls of demilitarization of the glacier from environmentalists, a demand rejected by New Delhi which occupies major portion of the glacier.

Kashmir has a rugged terrain. Landslides and avalanches are often triggered from its mountains during frequent rains and heavy snow in the region.

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TOKYO, Jan. 25 (Xinhua) -- Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe remained tightlipped Monday following the victory of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party-backed incumbent in a mayoral election in Ginowan, Okinawa Prefecture, a day earlier.

Abe merely told reporters on Monday that his party-backed candidate getting reelected to be mayor of Gionwan, a city in Okinawa that hosts a U.S. airbase the central government plans to relocate within the island Tomas Hertl Jersey , was, ""good,"" opting not to elaborate.

The shutting down and relocating of the U.S. Marine Corps Air Station Futenma was a central theme of the mayoral elections concluding Sunday, as the city is densely populated and the base, described by some military analysts as ""one of the most dangerous in the world,"" has been a source of distress to the locals Martin Jones Jersey , due to issues of noise, pollution and accidents.

Abe's defense minister, Gen Nakatani, meanwhile, told reporters that the result of the election, which saw incumbent Ginowan Mayor Atsushi Sakima defeat Keiichiro Shimura Joonas Donskoi Jersey , who was backed by Okinawa Gov. Takeshi Onaga, a stanch opponent to the relocation of the base, showed that the city's electorate ""appreciated"" Sakima's efforts to remove dangers posed by the base.

Nakatani added that he hoped to continue dialogue with the local citizens and will visit the prefecture on Sunday.

""I would like to continue dialogue with locals so as to win their understanding for the planned relocation of Futenma to the Henoko area,"" Nakatani said.

The deal inked between Japan and the U.S. to relocate the base within the island was predicated on the former gaining the understanding of the locals for the move, a condition far from being achieved by the central government.

Sakima, meanwhile Joe Pavelski Jersey , has said that he wishes the base to be shut down at the earliest opportunity and the land the base has been built upon returned to Okinawa. He has also suggested he supports the base being replaced with a Disney resort.

""I'd like to call on the government for the return of the airfield to be implemented without further delay,"" Sakima was quoted as saying after confirmation of his victory on Sunday evening.

But while Sakima, although being supported by the central government, hasn't himself unequivocally stated whether or not he supports plans for the base to be relocated to a coastal region of Okinawa, a move strongly opposed by the generality of Okinawa's citizens, civic groups and officials Brent Burns Sharks Jersey , Onaga has stated he remains committed to blocking the relocation move.

Onaga told local reporters following Sakima winning the election Sunday evening that, ""Okinawa's wishes haven't been realized. Our policy to protest the base's transfer to Henoko will not change.""

Showing his support for Onaga and despite his own loss, Shimura told local media that he ""hopes Governor Onaga will do his best to realize the will of the people that the excessive burden cannot be accepted.""

Much as Sakima's victory has been trumpeted by the ruling LDP-led camp as their own victory in the impasse between the central and prefectural government, which has seen both parties sue each other over the contentious base issue, as well as helping efforts as the ruling bloc gears up for upper house elections this summer, plans to relocate the base will not be supported by local Okinawans and a plethora of prefectural officials including Onaga.

The majority of Japanese people Erik Karlsson Sharks Jersey , polls have shown, including those on the mainland and on Okinawa island, believe Abe and his administration are mishandling the base relocation issue, with the generality in Japan's southernmost prefecture wanting the new base relocated off the island at a bare minimum, and out of Japan entirely if possible.

Okinawans have consistently called on both prefectural and central governments to see their base-hosting burdens lifted and rallies at the sit

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